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Sam Emerson, Ph.D.

Sam Emerson, Ph.D.

Associate Member, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center


Doctoral Studies, Kansas State University 

Master's Degree, Kansas State University

Bachelor's Degree, Oklahoma State University

Grant Funding:

Spanish Cove-OSU Community-Engaged Research Exploration
OSCTR Community-Engaged Research Exploratory (CERE) Award
Emerson SR (PI)

Determination of Health-promoting Physical Activity Behaviors Across Aging: A Pilot Study
Donna Cadwalader Research and Development Grant
Emerson SR (PI) and Hermann JR (Co-I)

Wheat germ supplementation will improve markers of gut health, inflammation, and insulin resistance in overweight individuals
USDA AFRI Functions and Efficacy of Nutrients Award
Lucas EA (PD), Ojo B, Chowanadisai W, Emerson SR (Co-PD), Davila-El Rassi G, Payton M

Equipment Request: Parvo TrueOne 2400 Metabolic Cart
Human Sciences Laboratory and Research Equipment Program
Emerson SR (PI), Jenkins NDM (Co-I), Wollenberg G (Co-I), Bishop AJ (Co-I)

The Clinical Utility of Resistance Training for Improving Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Post-Menopausal Women
American Heart Association Institutional Enhancement Award
Jenkins NDM (PI) and Emerson SR (Co-PI)

Effects of exercise on young adult women with ACEs: an integrative pilot study
Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Adversity COBRE Pilot Project
Jenkins NDM (PI) and Emerson SR (Co-I)

Investigating the Inflammatory Response to a High-fat Meal in Adults of Varying Ages and Activity Levels
Human Ecology Doctoral Dissertation Research Award
Emerson SR (PI)

Is There an Angiogenic Response Following Consumption of a Single High-Fat Meal?
Kansas State University Small Research Grant (USRG)
Rosenkranz SK (PI) and Emerson SR (Co-PI)

Do alterations in meal size and frequency affect postprandial lipemia and inflammation?
College of Human Ecology Sponsored Research Overhead (CHE-SRO) Award
Rosenkranz SK (PI) and Emerson SR (Co-PI)

Selected Publications:

  1.  O’Hara C, Ojo B, Emerson SR, Simenson AJ, Peterson S, Perkins-Veazie P, Payton ME, Hermann J, Smith BJ, Lucas EA. Acute Freeze-Dried Mango Consumption With a High-Fat Meal has Minimal Effects on Postprandial Metabolism, Inflammation and Antioxidant Enzymes. Nutrition and Metabolic Insights (2019) 12:1-10.
  2. Kim JS, Emerson SR, Rosenkranz SK, Haub MD. Chronic Physical Activity Does Not Impact Metabolic Responses to Low or High Doses of Resistant Starch: A Crossover Trial. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (2019) 9(7): 1340662.
  3. Banks NF, Tomko PM, Colquhoun RJ, Muddle TWD, Emerson SR, Jenkins NDM. Genetic Polymorphisms in ADORA2A and CYP1A2 Influence Caffeine’s Effect on Postprandial Glycaemia. Scientific Reports (2019) 9(1):10532.
  4. Sciarrillo CM, Koemel NA, Tomko PM, Bode KB, Emerson SR. Postprandial Lipemic Responses to Various Sources of Saturated and Monounsaturated Fat in Adults. Nutrients (2019) 11(5):1089.
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  7. Kurti SP, Emerson SR, Smith JR, Rosenkranz SK, Alexander SA, Lovoy GM, and Harms CA. Older women exhibit higher airway 8-isoprostane responses to strenuous exercise compared to older men and younger controls. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism (2018) 43(5):497-503.
  8. Emerson SR, Kurti SP, Emerson EM, Cull BJ, Casey K, Haub MD, and Rosenkranz SK. Postprandial Metabolic Responses Differ by Age Group and Physical Activity Level. The Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging (2017) 22:145-153.
  9. Emerson SR, Kurti SP, Teeman CS, Emerson EM, Cull BJ, Haub MD and Rosenkranz SK. Realistic Test-Meal Protocols Lead to Blunted Postprandial Lipemia but Similar Inflammatory Responses Compared to a Standard High-fat Meal. Current Developments in Nutrition (2017) 1(5).
  10. Emerson SR, Kurti SP, Harms CA, Haub MD, Melgarejo T, Logan C, and Rosenkranz SK. Magnitude and Timing of the Postprandial Inflammatory Response to a High-fat Meal in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review. Advances in Nutrition (2017) 8(2):213-25.30(1 Supplement):682-8.
  11. Kurti SP, Rosenkranz SK, Chapes SK, Teeman CS, Cull BJ, Emerson SR, Levitt M, Smith JR, and Harms CA. Does chronic physical activity level modify the airway inflammatory response to an acute bout of exercise in the post-prandial period? Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism (2017) 42(2):173.
  12. Kurti SP, Emerson SR, Rosenkranz SK, Teeman CS, Emerson EM, Cull BJ, Smith JR, and Harms CA. Post-prandial systemic and airway 8-isoprostane responses to meals of varying caloric and fat content in non-asthmatic, insufficiently active men. Nutrition Research (2016).
  13. Teeman CS, Kurti SP, Cull BJ, Emerson SR, Haub MD, and Rosenkranz SK. Postprandial Lipemic and Inflammatory Responses to High-Fat Meals: A Review of the Roles of Acute and Chronic Physical Activity. Nutrition and Metabolism (2016) 13:80.
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