Kevin Short, Ph.D.

Research interests include: exercise physiology, metabolism, and endocrinology.

Kevin Short, M.D.

Associate Professor


Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Mayo Clinic
Doctoral Studies, Ball State University
Master's Degree, Purdue University

Grant Funding:

Reducing sedentary time in favor of physical activity in adolescents HHDC Team Science grant.  Co-PI with Darla Kendzor, PhD

Evaluating microRNA-122 as a biomarker for non-invasive detection of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in children, OSCTR pilot 

Selected Publications:

Short KR, JQ Chadwick, MA Tullier, L Wolbert, C Coleman, KC Copeland. Effect of obesity and exercise training on amino acid metabolites in American Indian adolescents. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, Published online Apr 17, 2019.

Short KR, LV Pratt, AM Teague. The effect of a single exercise session on insulin sensitivity in normal-weight and overweight/obese adolescents. Pediatr Diab, 19: 1050-1057, 2018.

Short KR, JQ Chadwick, TK Cannady, DE Branam, DF Wharton, MA Tullier, KC Copeland. Using financial incentives to promote physical activity in American Indian adolescents: a randomized controlled trial. PLOS ONE, 13(6): e0198390, 2018

Dasari PS, BS Gandomani, AM Teague, A Pitale, M Otto, KR Short. Glycemic variability is associated with markers of vascular stress in adolescents. J Pediatrics, 172: 47-55, 2016

Marin M, JB Tryggestad, C Aston, AM Teague, PS Dasari, KR Short. Oxidized HDL and LDL in adolescents with type 2 diabetes compared to normal weight and obese peers. J Diabetes Complications, 29:679-685, 2015

Short KR, AM Teague, DA Fields, T Lyons, SD Chernausek. Lower resting energy expenditure and fat oxidation in Native American and Hispanic infants born to mothers with diabetes. J Pediatr 166: 884-889, 2015

Tryggestad JB, KR Short. Arterial compliance in children with obesity and T2DM: Implications for future cardiovascular health. Exerc Sports Sci Rev 42: 175-182, 2014