Joni Beck, Pharm.D., C.D.E., B.C.,A.D.M. - Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

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Joni Beck, Pharm.D., C.D.E., B.C.,A.D.M.

Research interests include pediatric diabetes, young adult transition services and evaluation of diabetes education and program development.

Joni Beck, Pharm.D., B.C.-A.D.M., C.D.E.

Clinical Professor and Clinical Programs Director for Diabetes and Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics, OU College of Medicine
Adjunct Clinical Professor, College of Pharmacy, OU Health Sciences Center

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Post-Doctoral Residency, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center at OU Medicine

Doctoral Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Bachelor's Degree, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Selected Publications:

LaBarbera B, Dvorak J, Zhang Y, Jeter K, Talsania M, Beck J. Diabetes-related events in adolescents and young adults: opportunities for psychosocial interventions. Psychology Health & Medicine. 2019:24(9):1148-1157.

Abed E, LaBarbera B, Dvorak J, Zhang Y, Beck J, Talsania M. Prevalence of dyslipidemia and factors affecting dyslipidemia in young adults with type 1 diabetes: evaluation of statin prescribing. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 2019:32(4):327-334.

Beck J, Greenwood DA, Blanton L et al.  National Standards for Diabetes Self- Management Education and Support, Diabetes Care. 2017:40(10):1409-1419.

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