Our Services

Our Services

HHDC-Tulsa offers many treatment and education opportunities for patients who are concerned with preventing or controlling diabetes. We are nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association for our diabetes education program. We provide group and individual classes taught by highly trained specialists in diabetes. Additional services are available for complete management of diabetes.

Pediatric Diabetes Care Program

This program provides families and patients with an understanding of type 1 diabetes and encourages their confidence in its day-to-day management. The expectation is that by the time patients are ready to leave home for college or the workforce, they will have the ability to manage their own blood sugars. Current evidence strongly suggests that consistent blood sugar control greatly diminishes the chances of long-term eye and kidney complications. 

Our pediatric endocrinologists participate in studies that strive to advance diabetes knowledge and treatment by following patients in clinical trials at our center. This includes the Diabetes TrialNet study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, the Type 1 Diabetes Exchange, and ongoing studies to test new insulins and other cutting edge diabetes treatments.

HHDC-Tulsa offers complete education and support for children and adolescents with all types of diabetes. The clinic is ADA certified, and our nurses, dietitians, and nurse practitioners are Certified Diabetes Educators.

New Onset Classes 

Newly diagnosed patients are referred to HHDC-Tulsa from all over Northeast Oklahoma region and surrounding areas. They and their families are given intensive and comprehensive individual and group training, care, and counseling on a day-to-day basis with the clinical care team members from the center. 

Newly diagnosed patients continue to be followed intensively with frequent contact until the patient and family are comfortable with their care and in good control. 

Most patients will eventually be seen routinely four times a year. However, providers and help are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and illnesses. 


Our dietitians meet with each new onset or new-to-clinic family to teach them how to adjust diet to insulin delivery. They are also available to patients during scheduled visits with their provider and individual nutrition visits.

Pumps and Sensors 

HHDC-Tulsa has a comprehensive program for helping patients initiate insulin pump therapy and/or continuous glucose monitoring. Certified trainers are available on site, and all pump and sensors training is done in the outpatient setting.

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