Behavioral Health Services

Diabetes care for the mind as well as the body.

To manage your diabetes, you’re making changes in your everyday life — changes that impact your entire self, body and mind. The behavioral health professionals of OU Physicians understand the mental and emotional impact of diabetes and are here to provide you another level of support.

OU Physicians' licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and social-work therapists specialize in diabetes-related challenges in patients of all ages and can help put you in the best position to care for yourself.

Let us help you cope with diabetes, adapt, and make positive changes in your life.

Provided on the Third Floor of G. Rainey Williams Pavilion, one block east of HHDC | Location info

Make an appointment, refill a prescription, contact a provider or refer an adult patient:
Phone (405) 271-5251 | Fax (405) 271-5367

Medical records: Phone (405) 271-9194 | Fax (405) 271-9195

We also invite you to our free, bimonthly support group for adults with diabetes.

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