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18 September 2017

"It's All About Love" at the Oklahoma State Fair

HHDC's Diabetes Awareness Campaign Goes to Food Row

"It's All About Love" at the Oklahoma State Fair

OKLAHOMA CITY – Of the nearly one million people who will visit the Oklahoma State Fair this year, many of them come for the food. The fair’s Food Row is famous for serving up treats of fantastical descriptions and proportions. One local health organization is diving in with a message of welcome.

Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at the University of Oklahoma is this year’s exclusive sponsor of Food Row. The center’s campaign, entitled "It’s All About Love," invites fairgoers to prevent diabetes as an act of love.

"By staying aware of your risk for diabetes and taking action to bring that risk down, you’re showing love to yourself and the people who love you," said Dr. Madona Azar, HHDC’s director of adult clinical programs.

"The State Fair is Oklahoma’s largest family event, and the combination of fun and food makes it the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves," Dr. Azar said. "In most cases, type 2 diabetes is preventable. Great resources are available, and our center is here to provide for the needs of this community we love."

HHDC will have a display at the north entrance to Food Row where fairgoers can take photos of one another as cartoon superheroes or on a roller coaster alongside smiling corndogs, funnel cakes, and other food items. Original artwork for the campaign was created by Bruce Plante, award-winning cartoonist for the Tulsa World. Visitors are encouraged to share their "selfies" over social media with the hashtag #lovefoodrow.

Visit the campaign's webpage for advice for "snaccident" recovery, diabetes risk assessment tools, prevention tips, and more