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Harold Hamm News and Publications

1 July 2019

David Fields, Ph.D.

David Fields, Ph.D.
First NameDavid
Last NameFields
Academic Title / DegreePh.D.
Job / Position Title

Children's Hospital Foundation Chickasaw Nation Endowed Chair
Associate Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine 

Bio Quote

Research interests include: Breast Milk, Infant growth, and Body composition


Post Doctoral Fellowship, Washington University, St. Louis
Doctoral Studies, Auburn University
Master's Degree, University of Oklahoma
Bachelor's Degree, University of the Ozarks

Grant Funding

Fields, D. (Co-principal investigator) and Isganaitis, E. (Co-Principal Investigator) at 8% effort. Impact of exercise on breastmilk: A novel strategy for obesity and diabetes prevention. Harold Hamm Diabetes Team Scientist Award. Total Amount $96,600 (direct costs).

Fields, D. (Co-principal investigator) and Demerath, E. (Co-Principal Investigator) at 25% effort. Maternal obesity, breast milk composition and infant growth (1R01HD080444-01). National Institutes of Health (NICHD). Total Amount $2,464,417 (direct costs). 

Selected Publications

Isganaitis E., S. Venditti, T. Matthews, C. Lerin, E. Demerath and D. Fields (2019). Maternal obesity and the human milk metabolome: associations with infant body composition and postnatal weight gain. AJCN. April 4.109:1353-60. [PMID:31027268].

Whitaker, K., R. Marino, J. Haapla, L. Foster, K. Smith, A. Teague, D. Jacobs, P. Fontaine, P. McGovern, T. Schoenfuss, L. Harnack, D. Fields and E. Demerath (2017). Associations of maternal weight status before, during, and after pregnancy with inflammatory markers in breast milk. Obesity Dec 25(12).  [PMID:28985033].

Fields, D., B. George, M. Williams, K. Whitaker, D. Allison, A. Teague and E. Demerath (2017). Associations between human breast milk hormones and adipocytokines and infant growth and body composition in the first 6 months of life. Pediatr Obesity June 24 (6):1213-21. [PMID:28160457].

Goran, M., A. Martin, T. Alderete, H. Fujiwara, D. Fields (2017). Fructose in breast milk is positively associated with infant body composition at 6 months of age. Nutrients Feb 16:E146. [PMID 28212335].

Jackson, D., D. Deschamps, D. Myers, D. Fields, E. Knudtson, and R. Gunatilake (2016). Fetal epicardial fat thickness in diabetic and non-diabetic pregnancies: A retrospective cross-sectional study. Obesity Jan 24:167-71. [PMID: 26638197].