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Current Partners

Partners for Progress are annual contributors to Harold Hamm Diabetes Center’s mission, providing for the center’s wide range of research, patient care, and prevention programs.
Thanks to their generous support, the days are numbered for the diabetes epidemic, and people’s lives are changed forever, right here in this building.

Governor Bill Anoatubby 
Andy Behrens
Catherine F. Bishop
Bogan, Dunlap & Wood Insurance Agency, LLC 
David and Molly Boren
Lori Neal Bowman 
Barbara and Pete Brown
Blake Brown 
Glen Brown 
Jon Bryant 
Melanie Burdick
Carol Burr 
Michael Burrage 
Leta Burwell 
Ken Carpenter 
Drew Chadwick 
Becky Chandler 
Dakota Cole 
Jackie Cooper 
Kenneth and Lucia Copeland
Lori Contanny 
Somerlyn Cothran 
Terry L. Cotterell
John and Beverly Coury
CPI Pipe & Steel, Inc.
Joseph W. Craft 
Tom Cronin 
Deana Cunningham
Greg Davis 
Joshua C. Davis 
Christopher Ditzel
Dobson Family Foundation 
Duncan, Fraser & Bridges Insurance Agency, Inc. 
Holly Easterling 
Wade Edmundson 
Carl and Susan Edwards
Enid Typewriter Company 
John Ensey 
Barbara L. Eskridge 
Christy Estes 
Cheryl Evans 
Forsberg Engerman Co. 
Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc. 
Ike Glass
Peter H. Gries
John and Virginia Groendyke
Susan Hall
Jana Harrison 
Katie Hoefling
Andrea Horner 
Howard Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. 
Larry Hulsey
Jackfork Land Inc. 
JMA Energy Company, LLC 
Jerry Jones 
Steven Jordan 
Laird & Doolin Insurance 
Gant and Shelly Lambertz
Lisa Ellen Lee
Hilda Lewis 
Glenn Lilie & Michelle Thomas
Bruce Magill 
Debbie Martin 
McAnally Wilkins 
Ella McDonald
Robert Mills
Melvin Moran 
G. Jeff Mowry 
Larry and Linda Neal
Monica Neal 
Maurice and Mary Nickell
Martha Ogilvie 
Oklahoma Business Insurors Agency LLC 
Patricia Parker
Judy Goforth Parker 
Noah Parris 
Harry Phillips 
James Phillips 
Plaster & Wald Consulting Corp. 
Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes 
Blake T. Rambo 
Renfro Family Foundation
Eddie W. Rhea 
Rich & Cartmill, Inc. 
T.J. and Ashleigh Riley
Jonathan Rondon 
Michael Samis 
Sanford & Tatum 
E. Tod Sanger 
John Schmitz 
Richard Sias
William D. Sinclair 
Stephen B. Slawson
Daniel Somers 
Mike Somers 
Harvey and Cindy Sparkman
Adam Stafford 
Jack and Mary Stark
Heather Dawn Summers
Mark Tedford 
Mike and Patricia Terry
The Ben & Bonnie Walkingstick Foundation 
Harolyne K. Thielke 
Arthur and Betty Thompson
Todd Threlkeld 
Upshaw Insurance 
Marilyn Vandever 
Scott Verplank 
Sammie Villines 
Dewey Wallace 
Lisa Wallace 
Valorie Walters 
Robert West 
Lonney H. White 
Tommy White 
Nancy and Gary Wilson
Nancy C. Wilson in memory of George William DeWolf 
Joseph Winkler 
Skip and De Wood 
Woods Insurance Service
Don and Carolyn Zachritz

Member list reflects Partners for Progress donors as of Dec. 1, 2015